About Us

Bollywood Tours is one of the prime Bollywood tour organizers of India, with a registered office at 23, Manohar Das Street, Fort, Mumbai (India).

Bollywood Tours is a unique product which has been launched for the first time in India. The parent Company that owns the registered trademark of Bollywood Tours specialized in promoting specialty product related to the travel leisure and entertainment industries. At present Bollywood tours is open for trade enquiries, soul representation and marketing rights in specified territories.

Our Inspiration:

We are very thankful to our guest “Miss Isabel Jimnez” , from Barcelona Spain, she loves India and visit every year to India, In the Year 2003 she took a tour from the parental company of bollywood tours and then she gave us idea to conduct bollywood tours, since 2003 bollywood Tours came to existence. You may send your expression of interest to : info@bollywoodtours.in  or bollywoodtours@gmail.com