Welcome to Bollywood Tours, we are one of the first and the Original tour companies (estd 2003). The concept of Bollywood tours was refined by us, and we still lead one of the most informative tours in the industry.
Bollywood Tours has gained expertise in having tie-ups and understandings with the leading B-Wood studios in Mumbai, and we give our visitors unparalleled experiences of Mumbai which goes mostly unseen.
Be it our Slum Tours of Dharavi, or the Bollywood Movie shoots, or the Heritage walk of Mumbai city, they all come highly acclaimed from out previous clients. Please go through our reviews, they speak for themselves.
At present Bollywood tours is open for trade enquiries, sole representation and Marketing rights in specified territories.

Our Inspiration:

We are very thankful to our guest Miss Isabel Jimnez, from Barcelona, Spain. She is a veteran traveler and visits India nearly every year.
In the Year 2003 she took a tour from the parent company of Bollywood Tours, and then she collaborated her thoughts on conducting Bollywood Shooting Tours in Mumbai. That was the seed of thought which has brought us to light and we continue to uphold our standards each year.

Beware of imposters using the name of Bollywood Tours to dupe clients into fake, low-quality tours. Always insist and book tours from our website for assured originality of Bollywood Tours, or contact us.