Full Day Bollywood Tour


Full day Bollywood tours (Visit to two different shooting studios)

Tour Duration: 7 to 8 hours

Tour slots : 9:30 AM, 10 AM , 10:30 AM and 11 AM

You will be escorted through a specially-created studio for an intimate look behind the scenes at technicians at work. You may even get the chance to peek inside a film star’s makeup room, and pose for souvenir snapshots with some ACTORS.

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 Full day Bollywood tours (Visit to two different shooting studios)

Tour Duration:7 to 8 hours

Tour slots : 9:30 AM, 10 AM , 10:30 AM and 11 AM




  • Pickup from hotel. (Transportation depends on number of PAX)

  • Our Representative “guide” for Bollywood tour will receive you at your hotel/Cruz.




  • Arrival at Shooting Sight

  • Escorted to a specially created studio

  • Visit a live shooting set

  • Watch filming at shooting set

  • Peek at the behind-the-scenes activities of movie making

  • See the technicians at work

  • If possible, look into the star`s makeup rooms

  • If possible, have your picture taken with a Bollywood actor

Arrival at second STUDIO 

  • Arrival at studio

  • There are pre design sets like police station, temple, village, studio hall, market, gas station etc.



  • Arrive at Bollywood Museum where you will get a glimpse of famous Bollywood actor’s posters and photographs and then you will be escorted to an air-conditioned Dance Hall with decorated stage and music system in Bollywood style.

  • Welcome Drink on arrival

  • Watch 3-4 Live Bollywood Dance Shows performed by professional dancers.

Dubbing studio.

(Post production)

  • Real Voice Recording Studio.
  • Tourist will get an opportunity to Sing in a proper Singing Studio which will be fully equipped singing studio.
  • Tourist will be introduced to the Dubbing studio to experience how it functions.
  • Tourist will get an opportunity to dud there voice over the famous scenes of The Bollywood movies.


  • A fine,hygienic restaurant.


  • Drive past the homes’ of famous bollywood movie stars


  • Arrival at hotel/Location in Mumbai.


Package Includes:

  • Guide Fees.

  • Air-Conditioned Vehicle (Private)

  • Studios Entrance Fees


Please Note:

SECURITY- We need your cooperation wherever the personal frisking and checking of baggage is mandatory. Except for your valuables, hand baggage is not allowed at location shooting.

  • This itinerary could be tentative as per studio permission.

  • Photo shots are strictly not allowed until and unless permission is given.(Professional cameras are not allowed at the sets, until permission granted )

  • Please keep your mobile on silent mode during the shooting in action and keep silent.

  • Most of the studios are at distant places from downtown and as such may take considerable time to reach, kindly bear with such unavoidable time consumption.

  • The Bollywood activities in Mumbai are not centralized at one place and scattered at different places.